The 100th edition of Project Play, it’s all about the Projects…

There’s something about being able to learn from others experiences that keeps us engaged.

Over the last 11 years we have published 100 issues of Project Play. The first Tuesday of every month is Project Play Day.

And what we’ve noticed is the stories about completed Projects is where the action is. Everybody wants to see how others have done it, how a project came together, how ideas and products have been combined to create beautiful spaces and how the end result looks.

So here’s to more case studies in future editions, with more detail and more background stories, to help you with your own projects.

The really good news for play

The last 11 years we have seen the list of Project Play readers grow from a handful of folks to almost 13,000 now, and it’s still growing. This is good news for Project Play but mainly it’s good news for the very idea of play. And we couldn’t be more happy about that.

In this rather uncertain world, where us adults seem to have our share of concerns, the interest in play for kids has increased, and we’re confident to say, play opportunities for children have increased as well.

So here’s a huge “Thank you” to you! Keep flying the flag of Play for Children, and keep doing good. It’s working.

The 5 most popular Project Play case studies:

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