SkyBlocks – Bespoke, Innovative Brilliance in Playground Design

Moduplay is excited to introduce the SkyBlocks range, an exciting development not only in our product offering, but in Australian-made playground manufacturing. 

Moduplay Team 3 min read January 12, 2024 Sustainability & Innovation
Rozelle Parklands, Rozelle, NSW

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Moduplay is excited to introduce the SkyBlocks range, an exciting development not only in our product offering, but in Australian-made playground manufacturing. These SkyBlocks aren’t just another play structure; they are a vibrant symbol of innovation that can blend seamlessly with any community space. Entirely designed, engineered, and manufactured in Australia, the SkyBlocks epitomise resilience and longevity, crafted to withstand the challenging Australian climate.

A Canvas of Adventure and Discovery

What sets our SkyBlocks apart is their internal play value – a key aspect often overlooked in cube-type play towers. We’ve meticulously designed each element to ensure that once a child steps inside, they’re transported into a world rich in imaginative and physical play opportunities. From intricate climbers to engaging nets and tunnels, every detail is focused on maximizing the play value, ensuring a thrilling adventure for every child.

Our SkyBlocks are more than just playground equipment; they’re a fusion of artistic flair and functional play. This unique combination enriches the aesthetic and recreational appeal of urban landscapes, making the community spaces they occupy not just a place to visit but an experience to relive. The multiple levels of play within the SkyBlocks encourage exploration, problem-solving, and social interaction, fostering a dynamic and inclusive play environment.

Join the Australian-Made Play Movement

Moduplay is committed to contributing to the Australian play movement and Bringing Play to the World™. We invite communities, councils, and developers to partner with us in creating play spaces that not only enthral but also endure. Our SkyBlocks are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ways we can transform any community space.

A Legacy of Excellence in Australian Playground Industry

Moduplay is committed to setting new standards in the Australian commercial playground industry. Each project we undertake is an opportunity to strengthen our position as leaders in playground design and equipment. Our ongoing expansion across Australia is a testament to our dedication to providing communities with innovative, secure, and captivating playgrounds, designed to endure the rigours of the Australian climate.

Our Commitment to Communities and Innovation

The core of Moduplay‘s philosophy lies in our innovative approach to playground design, a deep-rooted commitment to Australian manufacturing, and an adaptive response to the evolving needs of communities. Each project reinforces our dedication to enhancing play experiences and community well-being. With our ability to supply equipment worldwide, coupled with an extensive network, we guarantee the provision of high-quality installations, maintenance, and support services. Whether in remote outback communities or bustling urban centres, Moduplay stands as a beacon of quality, innovation, and dedication to enriching the lives of children and communities while Brining Play to The World™.

Join the Moduplay Journey

Embarking on a playground project? Join us in this innovative journey to transform play spaces into realms where stories unfold, adventures beckon, and learning thrives. At Moduplay, we’re committed to creating playgrounds that are more than just places to play – they are landscapes where imagination and education harmoniously intertwine.

Connect with us to be a part of crafting play spaces that will delight and inspire communities for generations to come.

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