5 ways to bring Inclusive Play into your playground design

Designing a playground for children & families of all abilities is an art and a science. Creative flair is essential, but there is a formula for a successful design.

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A successful inclusive playground is a space that accommodates and welcomes children of all abilities, ensuring that they can play, interact, and have fun together.

Equal access play is achieved by skilful design integration that recognises the needs of children with different levels of ability. The result is not simply “inclusiveness”, but better design outcomes and greater play value for all users.

An inclusive playground aims to create a welcoming environment where children of all abilities can play and interact together. By considering accessibility, safety, inclusive equipment, sensory experiences, and involving the community, you can design a playground that fosters inclusivity and promotes interaction of all children.

And a truly Inclusive Play space cannot be visually detected as Inclusive, which is why we call it Invisi-Clusive Play™.

The formula for a successful outcome is covered in the 5 Ways to Bring Inclusive Play to your space:

Moduplay recently worked with Berkeley Public school to design a solution for the school Inclusive Playground. The outcome allowed for a design that includes wheelchair access to the top platform while completing a multitude of play activities on the way through.

Additionally, the playground at Berkeley Public School incorporates a variety of sensory experiences to cater to children with diverse needs including musical instruments, textured surfaces, and interactive elements that engage different senses.

The project also offers an ample seating area and natural shaded space for students and teachers who may require rest or quite time.

Read more about Moduplay Invisi-Clusive or reach out to our Play Design Team to learn more.

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