How an old industrial site with a commercial grain silo has been transformed into a place for the whole community to experience…

Thanks to the vision of the city leadership, Launceston now has a world class playground area that is drawing thousands of community members, children, families, locals and visitors to enjoy quality time, outdoors, together.

Follow the story here to see how this site was turned from a wasteland to a wonderland of play and discovery.

The idea – a desolate industrial waste land occupied by varying heavy industries over many years… What if it could be transformed into a place of beauty and community gathering that everybody could enjoy?

The planning  for the Riverbend Park project, commenced in September 2013 by Playstreet Landscape Architects Masterplan.

The process – after the development of the Master Plan, Launceston City Council engaged with potential playground suppliers for an Expression Of Interest. We presented the “Moduplay Confluence Net” signifying the joining of the Tamar and Esk Rivers nearby.

The construction – engineering of the Confluence Net was completed by our in-house Design & Engineering team and audited by external professionals to ensure Australian Standards compliance.

The final result – we’re happy to say the Confluence Net has become the centre of attention for children and families visiting Riverbend Park. We can’t say it better than the Mum’s that spoke to us on location. Check out the video here

Attention to detail, professionalism, creative flair and a commitment to doing what is right for everybody we get involved with has seen Moduplay Group find a place in many successful projects around Australia.

We’d like to join you on your journey to develop your new play space. Whether it’s a local corner park, a school playground or the next “Confluence Net” we are here to help.

You can see more pictures of Riverbend Park in our Projects Portfolio here

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