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UrbanFiT is an unequalled range of Australian made, global quality, outdoor gym equipment that can be mixed and matched to provide the perfect blend for any outdoor fitness program or project.

Welcome to UrbanFiT Outdoor Gyms by Moduplay, where we bring the essence of Australian craftsmanship to community fitness. Proudly Australian Made, our range of outdoor fitness equipment is meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of communities across Australia

At UrbanFiT, we are committed to fostering active lifestyles and enhancing public spaces with our innovative, safe, and durable fitness solutions. Whether it’s for a bustling urban park, a local community centre, or an educational institution, our equipment is built to inspire and sustain a culture of health and well-being for all ages. Discover the perfect blend of functionality, inclusivity, and robust design with UrbanFiT – where fitness meets the great outdoors.


Gunyama Fitness Park

Situated in the suburb of Zetland Sydney, this custom-made Urbanfit unit is the perfect ensemble for the locals completing their daily workout.

Breakwater Park

Perched on the shores of the Shell Cove Marina is the one-stop destination for a daily workout, with a beautiful waterfront backdrop!

Kings Central Fitness

In the heart of Kings Central, a new development by Lendlease, our latest UrbanFiT project stands as a beacon of community spirit and active living.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Product Features and Design

UrbanFiT Outdoor Gyms are uniquely Australian Made, tailored to suit the diverse needs of our communities, combining innovative design with robust construction.

The range includes equipment focusing on cardiovascular fitness, strength training, flexibility, and balance, such as multi-stations, pull-up bars, and leg presses.

Yes, UrbanFiT uses environmentally friendly processes and materials, ensuring minimal environmental impact.

2. Safety and Quality

UrbanFiT manufactures equipment according to Australian safety standards using high-quality materials and rigorous testing methods.

The equipment is built to withstand extreme weather and heavy usage, ensuring durability and minimal maintenance.

3. Accessibility and Usability

The equipment caters to a wide range of ages and fitness abilities, from beginners to seasoned athletes.

Yes, the equipment is versatile and can be installed in various outdoor settings like parks, community centres, and schools.

4. Community Impact and Engagement

UrbanFiT gyms promote active lifestyles and community engagement, encouraging people to engage in healthy activities outdoors.

5. Customisation and Maintenance

UrbanFiT offers bespoke solutions to meet the specific requirements of different communities and spaces.

The equipment is designed for low maintenance, but regular checks and basic cleaning are recommended to keep it in top condition.

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