Moduplay Warranty

We want you to have full assurance that you will be covered in the event of something going wrong. Moduplay have been in the business of manufacturing play equipment since 1989 and we want you to feel safe when dealing with us.

Our whole team has a vested interest in making sure you have a great outcome with your new or existing play space so we cover you with our unique Warranty System every step of the way.

Moduplay guarantees its products against material defects in manufacture or workmanship for extended periods of time as set out below, starting from the date of invoice for the relevant product.

This does not limit any right or remedy you may be entitled to under law.

Moduplay will at its option repair or replace equipment or parts containing material defects in manufacture or workmanship, within the time frames below, at its cost, unless the defects are due to lack of proper maintenance of the equipment or parts (in accordance with a Maintenance Management System as per AS/NZS 4685.0:2017), other negligence on your part, damage by third parties including vandalism and abuse, accidental damage, incorrect installation by you or your other contractors or by reason of normal wear and tear. 

Metal Upright Posts

Guaranteed for 12 years against structural failure due to faulty material or workmanship (aluminium and steel)

Timber Upright Posts

Guaranteed for 10 years against structural failure due to faulty material or workmanship. Timber components not warranted against normal splitting and surface checking


Guaranteed for 10 years against structural failure

Static Metal Play Components

Guaranteed for 10 years against structural failure

Roto-Polyethylene Accessories

Guaranteed for 5 years against structural failure

Densapanel*, Activities and Components

Guaranteed for 5 years against structural failure. *Densapanel is HDPE sheeting used as flat panel components

Tensioned Rope Items

Guaranteed for 5 years against failure in mechanical/structural integrity aspects including rope end terminations, rope cross connections and foundation hardware

Spring for Rockers

Guaranteed for 5 years against mechanical failure

Moving Parts and Non Tensioned Rope Items

Guaranteed for 2 years against failure in normal use conditions

Replacement Wear Parts

Guaranteed for 6 months against failure in normal use conditions

Installation Workmanship

Guaranteed for 1 year against faulty workmanship

Soft-fall Base Preparation Layer

Guaranteed for 3 years from date of invoice not including any underlying problem which may be present e.g. sub-surface clay floaters, collapsed drains and tree roots, outside of Moduplay control

Soft-fall Cushion Layer

It is reasonable to expect that the rubber base layer used in soft-fall applications will compress slightly with continual use over time. Therefore, the rated critical fall height performance for the products using this material may reduce slightly over time in proportion to the degree of material compression of the soft-fall layer caused by continued use and repeated impacts

Soft-fall Wear Layer

(1-4 Granules, Oxide, UV Stable Pre-Coloured, EPDM and Synthetic Turf Wear Coat Layer)
Guaranteed for 3 years only if the safety surface has been properly used, maintained and serviced in accordance with Care and Maintenance Manual and properly used for the purpose intended and no repairs, alterations have been carried out without Moduplay’s written consent. Not warranted against aesthetic issues or fading. Refer to Moduplay Product Information to clarify expected performance of different softfall colours. Whilst Moduplay and our subcontractors make every effort to provide a quality, long lasting rubber surface, the longevity of joints between newly installed rubber and other materials with different chemical properties and thermal expansion rates, such as concrete, asphalt, timber, synthetic grass and even pre-existing rubber, cannot be guranteed

Soft-fall Workmanship

Guaranteed for 1 year against faulty workmanship


Moduplay’s warranty does not cover aesthetic issues or deliberate acts of vandalism on rope items such as attempted severing of cables or burning of nylon coverings. Further, Moduplay’s warranty specifically excludes freight costs or installation costs relating to the replacement or repair of defective parts

This warranty does not affect normal consumer rights required by law.

Any costs incurred by you in substituting the defective equipment or parts (including investigation and location of the defective product and costs of any kind incurred in carrying out the substitution) are to be borne by you.

Moduplay’s warranty only applies to work completed by its employees or contractors.

In the first instance, it helps if you can give us a quick call to discuss what has happened and we can decide together on the best way to approach it.

You may make a warranty claim by giving notice to us in writing at the contact details specified below within the period specified for the relevant good or service stated above.

And: The notice must identify the warranty under which you are claiming and set out the facts that you consider have led to a breach of the warranty.

And also: You must bear the costs of making the claim.

But all of that sounds very legal and inflexible. We’re not that. We want a solution for you and if we can find one we will!

If you have any problems with our products that you feel uncomfortable about give us a quick call or a short email explaining the problem and we will work with you to resolve it the best we can.

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