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Moduplay’s Latest Australian-Made Play Spaces in Victoria

Moduplay Team 5 min read January 10, 2024 Inclusive & Community Spaces

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Since its inception in 1989, Moduplay has transcended beyond being just a playground manufacturer; we’ve become architects of childhood development and community enrichment. With a foundation firmly rooted in Australian values, our approach has always been to blend play with purpose.

Our journey, especially in Victoria, is marked by over three decades of pioneering environmentally sustainable practices and innovative playground solutions. This journey is not just about creating play spaces but fostering community well-being, reflecting our unwavering commitment to Australian manufacturing and the holistic development of communities across the nation.

Our expansion in Victoria is a story of continuity and innovation. Building upon a legacy that spans over 35 years, we’ve brought to life playgrounds that are more than just play areas – they are hubs of community engagement and learning. Our dedication to delivering world-class, Australian-made playground solutions has established us as the benchmark for excellence in creating safe, engaging, and tailored play environments.

Jean Street Reserve, Cheltanham VIC

City of Kingston

Innovation solution to a challenging site

Our inaugural project with the City of Kingston at Jean Street Reserve stands as a testament to Moduplay‘s innovative approach to overcoming challenging site conditions. This project highlights our commitment to designing play spaces that are not only imaginative and engaging but also resilient and adaptable to the unique site demands.

At Jean Street Reserve, we’ve crafted a dynamic and inclusive play area that caters to a wide range of ages and abilities. Central to this project is our innovative use of space, transforming this site into a multi-faceted play environment. The playground features a blend of custom-designed elements, including a Custom SkyTower, play panels & some Balance & Fitness items. All of these elements are harmoniously integrated to create a stimulating and safe play area.

This project, a first for us with the City of Kingston, not only showcases our ability to deliver customised play solutions but also underlines our dedication to delivering unmatched play value to every space, regardless of the challenges each project may present. Jean Street Reserve is set to become a beloved community hub in Cheltenham, offering a unique and exciting play experience that serves the needs of its residents.

Stud Park Reserve, Rowville VIC 

Knox City Council

Community playground revitalisation

Our debut collaboration with Knox City Council at Stud Park Reserve in Rowville, Victoria, epitomises Moduplay‘s dedication to creating play spaces that blend fun, engagement, and sustainability. This project, grounded in our ethos of enhancing communities through innovative play, transformed a conventional area into a captivating multi-generational playground, thoughtfully designed to withstand the challenging Australian climate.

The centrepiece of Stud Park Reserve is a bespoke SkyTower, offering an adventurous and visually striking play experience. Complemented by the Mammoth Swing and a variety of other carefully selected play elements, this playground has quickly become a landmark destination in Rowville. Each component of the playground has been chosen for its ability to encourage active play, social interaction, and inclusive fun for children of all ages and abilities.

This project marks a significant milestone in our expansion in Victoria, showcasing our ability to tailor unique playground solutions to specific community needs. Our approach at Stud Park Reserve underscores our dedication to Australian manufacturing, utilising locally sourced, high-quality materials to construct a play space that is not only thrilling and challenging but also robust and secure. This vibrant playground is a testament to our partnership with Knox City Council and our shared goal of fostering joyful and engaging community spaces.

Carmen’s Reserve, Lilydale, VIC

Yarra Ranges Council

Sustainably-made community playground

In our inaugural collaboration with Yarra Ranges Council, Moduplay proudly unveils Carmen’s Reserve in Lilydale, a beacon of sustainable playground design and Australian manufacturing. This project is a testament to our philosophy of integrating environmentally responsible practices into our playgrounds, prominently featuring sustainably sourced materials like Plantation Grown Cypress Pine in our ‘Budawang’ Bushwood Tower, Horsy Rocker, Premium Swings and other climbing elements.

The use of Cypress Pine, known for its durability and natural beauty, aligns perfectly with our vision for Carmen’s Reserve – a playground that not only provides a stimulating and inclusive play environment but also respects and enhances its natural setting. This material choice underscores our commitment to sustainability, ensuring that the playground is not just a place of joy and learning but also a symbol of environmental stewardship.

This project, meticulously crafted to suit a variety of ages, this project promotes active play while seamlessly blending with Lilydale’s surroundings. Our collaboration with Yarra Ranges Council on Carmen’s Reserve marks a significant step in our journey within Victoria, showcasing our dedication to delivering bespoke, eco-friendly playground solutions that resonate with the community’s values and the unique Australian environment.

A Legacy of Excellence in Australian Playground Industry

Moduplay‘s growing presence in Victoria mirrors our commitment to setting new standards in the Australian commercial playground industry. Each project we undertake is an opportunity to strengthen our position as leaders in playground design and equipment. Our ongoing expansion across Victoria is a testament to our dedication to providing communities with innovative, secure, and captivating playgrounds, designed to endure the rigours of the Australian climate.

Our Commitment to Communities and Innovation

The core of Moduplay‘s philosophy lies in our innovative approach to playground design, a deep-rooted commitment to Australian manufacturing, and an adaptive response to the evolving needs of communities. In Victoria and beyond, each project reinforces our dedication to enhancing play experiences and community well-being. With our ability to supply equipment worldwide, coupled with an extensive network, we guarantee the provision of high-quality installations, maintenance, and support services. Whether in remote outback communities or bustling urban centres, Moduplay stands as a beacon of quality, innovation, and dedication to enriching the lives of children and communities while Bringing Play to The World™.

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