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Explore our wide range of products in our Multi-Sensory collection. Our resources are designed to provide a multi-sensory experience that encourages exploration, communication, and interaction, promoting the growth of essential life skills. Our collection includes immersive and sensory rooms, tactile toys, sensory lighting, visual aids, and auditory equipment suitable for all ages and abilities.

Welcome to Causeway Interactive Sensory Environments, a visionary collaboration between Causeway and Moduplay Group, dedicated to transforming spaces into therapeutic sanctuaries. Our bespoke multi-sensory rooms are expertly crafted to support individuals with diverse sensory needs throughout Australia.

At Causeway Interactive, we are passionate about enhancing mental and emotional well-being, offering customisable solutions that cater to the unique requirements of healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and other community spaces. From immersive technology to calming sensory stimuli, our environments are designed to promote relaxation, learning, and sensory development. Experience the ultimate in therapeutic design and innovation with Causeway Interactive – where sensory experiences are redefined.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Understanding Sensory Rooms at Causeway Interactive

A sensory room by Causeway Interactive, in partnership with Moduplay Group, is a bespoke environment designed to engage and develop the senses through a unique combination of stimuli such as lighting, colours, sounds, tactile objects, and scents. These rooms are therapeutic spaces aimed at improving sensory integration and promoting mental and emotional well-being.

Our sensory rooms are ideal for individuals of all ages with sensory processing disorders, autism, ADHD, learning difficulties, and mental health challenges. They are also beneficial for the elderly and anyone seeking stress relief and enhanced mental health.

Causeway Interactive sensory rooms offer a tranquil sanctuary to help reduce anxiety, stress, and sensory overload. They provide a controlled environment for relaxation and emotional regulation, aiding individuals in better processing sensory information.

2. Design and Installation Process

The process begins with a comprehensive consultation and site survey conducted by our experts. We then proceed to a detailed 3D design phase, selecting sensory equipment that meets the specific needs of the user. Our partnership with Moduplay Group ensures a seamless, collaborative process from conception to completion.

Absolutely. Our sensory rooms are highly adaptable, with every element—from interactive features and lighting to soundscapes—customisable to fit the therapeutic and educational goals of each user or group.

Key components include cutting-edge LED sky ceilings, interactive projectors, soft padding for safety, anti-ligature resources, and our specially designed Causeway seating range. Each element is selected to support the room’s purpose, whether for calming, stimulation, or learning.

3. Technology and Innovation

We harness the latest in interactive displays, smart lighting, virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR) to create immersive and personalised sensory experiences. Our partnership with Moduplay Group enables us to integrate innovative technology seamlessly.

We’re at the forefront of incorporating adaptive and interactive technologies, such as VR and AR, to create captivating sensory experiences. Our smart lighting systems can dynamically adjust to complement activities or user preferences, enhancing the sensory environment.

4. Practical Information

Costs vary based on room size, design complexity, and chosen sensory equipment. We recommend contacting Causeway Interactive for a comprehensive quote tailored to your specific requirements.

Begin by reaching out to Causeway Interactive for an initial discussion. Our team, in collaboration with Moduplay Group, will guide you through the design and selection process, ensuring a tailored sensory solution from start to finish.

We can provide guidance on grants and funding opportunities to help make sensory rooms more attainable for educational, healthcare, and other facilities. Our dedicated team can also help guide you through the application process.

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