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Multi Play

Play structures that maximise play value for the available space and budget. The Multi Play systems provide this and much more.Multi Play systems build strength, agility, gross motor skills and teamwork as children clamber and climb from end to end of the play structure.

Dynamic Play

To feel the wind in your hair and the dynamic motion of swinging, sliding and gliding is the thrill that leaves children wanting more. Children will be challenged by the long cable ride of the SkyRider, and excited by the awesome swinging action of the Mammoth Swing.

Theme Play

Imaginations soar when children are offered themes to build their own play experiences. Adventure, Town, Bushwood, SkyTowers and Sketch series offer a vast array of themes. 
Speak to our Play Design Consultants about customised themes to suit your site.

Wildnet Rope Play

Rope introduces a whole new aspect to every play environment. Children build greatly enhanced gross motor skills and spatial awareness as they clamber and scramble to their heart’s content!

Action Play

Fast moving action that keeps children and adults of all ages healthy and fit. Moduplay’s range of outdoor fitness and sports equipment provides opportunities for healthy activities.

Discovery Play

Discovery play, the magical years of childhood when everything is new and interesting. This is when Discovery Play is so important. Children can play in a larger than life flower bed or play music with their feet…Feel the texture of sand and the mixture of mud and leaves.

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