Invisi-Clusive Play

When inclusive access to play becomes invisible

Invisi-Clusive Playground

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Invisi-Clusive Play: Designing Play Areas for All Abilities

A play area that welcomes children & families of all abilities without them knowing it has been designed to be inclusive, is what we call an “Invisi-Clusive Play” space.

With the launch of PLAY Book Edition 10 (2023) we introduced a completely new idea to the playgrounds around Australia and the world, that the best Inclusive Play is invisible!

We’ve called it Invisi-Clusive Play™.

This means when an inclusive playground is designed, the inclusiveness should be invisible.

Creating Accessible and Inclusive Play Spaces for All

Invisi-Clusive Play includes not only the world’s best (Australian Made) accessible play equipment, but correct under-surfacing for easy transition, adequate pathways for all to use, equal access picnic facilities and amenities, and the whole play space designed to bring families and children together regardless of their mobility status.

When you are working with our Play Design team on an accessible play space, we will analyse it from an Invisi-Clusive Play perspective, ensuring everybody can get there, everybody can play and everybody can stay for as long as they like.

Of course this philosophy is based on the hugely successful and world leading NSW Everyone Can Play strategy.

NSW Everyone Can Play website.

Invisi-Clusive playground

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