Extreme Marine Package

The worry-free solution for extreme coastal playground locations

Playgrounds that are constantly exposed to sea spray and salt-laden moist air need extra protection and Moduplay’s Extreme Marine Protection Package provides the peace of mind you need.

With so much of Australia’s premier recreation space in close proximity to the coast, there is an obvious need for play and recreation products that have been engineered and treated to withstand our uniquely harsh environment.

Extreme Marine Protection Package gives you exactly that.

Did you know?

– 2016 Census, ABS

Playgrounds in Australia’s premier recreation spaces near the coast need play and recreation products specifically treated and constructed to withstand the country’s uniquely harsh marine environment. Moduplay’s Extreme Marine package delivers exactly that.

  • Structural elements made from marine-grade aluminium or stainless steel
  • All fasteners, hardware, chains and connectors are high-grade stainless steel for lifetime service
  • Surfaces are grit-blasted for superior coating adhesion
  • Zinc-rich primer provides sacrificial corrosion protection
  • Topped with best-in-class powder coatings and finishes
  • Meets or exceeds all relevant Australian standards
  • Backed by Moduplay’s full 12-year structural warranty in coastal applications
  • Proven performance in projects across 10 countries worldwide

For the ultimate corrosion protection on steel components, Moduplay can also apply a specialised 3-layer system:

  1. Grit-blasted surface preparation
  2. Zinc-rich epoxy primer
  3. Polyurethane powder coat top coat

This premium coating process further minimises corrosion risks and extends service life in the most extreme marine exposures.

The Extreme Marine Protection Package gives a full 12-year warranty on all structural elements, fasteners and metal components.

  • Structural Elements – Aluminium or Stainless Steel for structural elements provide superior corrosion resistance and longevity.
  • Fasteners – Hardware, chain, fasteners and relevant connectors are high-grade stainless steel for lifetime service.
  • Coatings – Best-in-class pre-treatment of all components for corrosive environments with highest grade powder coatings and surface finishes.

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