Safari Rocker brings truly inclusive play to a multi-child rocker so everybody can enjoy the fun

Everybody loves our Truly Inclusive play items for all children. Now we are introducing the new Safari Rocker.

Why a Safari Rocker? Children are drawn to the unique shape and once they’re on board it takes them to “places” they can’t get to otherwise.

Safari Rocker follows in the footsteps of the market leading, gigantic Moduplay All-Access Carousel, and now the just as popular but smaller Moduplay Luna Carousel. This has shown us the massive take up there is in the community for play equipment that is Truly Inclusive by design.

To design the Safari Rocker we set to work, with the help of expert Play Designer Fiona Robbé of Architects of Arcadia, carefully listening to the key points Fiona wanted to see in the design and crafting them into a ground breaking Truly Inclusive design Multi-Rocker that caters for all ages and abilities.

The Safari Rocker can be used by up to 6 children at a time of varying abilities. One end has a wide seat that can fit 2 children or a child and adult carer. The other end has our unique design Inclusive Rocker Seat in tandem form so children can sit securely individually supported or in pairs.

The centre platform area can be used by children sitting, lying down or standing. On the centre rail we have included some fun rocker roller beads that move in time with the rocking motion and they double as fine motor skills training for children that wish to engage with them.

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