Maintenance and Inspection Handbook

The Moduplay Maintenance and Inspection Handbook is your essential guide to ensuring the ongoing safety and durability of your playground equipment.

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Maintaining a playground is essential for the safety of the user and the longevity of the equipment. Regular inspections should be carried out to identify any defects and address them. Every inspection should be recorded and logged for warranty claims to be validated.

This document outlines the inspection and maintenance requirements for most playground equipment. Note there are specific maintenance guidelines for certain items such as large dynamic equipment (Skyriders, Spinners, Large Swings). Please request these from us if required.

Inspection Types

R – Routine Visual Inspection: required to identify obvious hazards that may result from vandalism, use or weather conditions. They should be carried out according to the specific site conditions as calculated in the matrix below.

O – Operational Inspections: more detailed inspection to check the operation and stability of the equipment, especially for any wearing parts (e.g. moving parts). Operational inspection should be carried out every 1 to 3 months. Note: If the equipment is heavily used or located in a popular/high-use area, this inspection needs to be carried out more frequently ie every 3rd Routine Inspection.

C – Comprehensive Inspection: done to establish, at specified intervals, the overall safety of the equipment, foundations and surfaces. This includes the structural integrity of items subject to the subtle effects of weather, corrosion and rotting. This inspection also assesses any change in the safety of the equipment resulting from repairs made, or added or replaced components. Comprehensive inspection should be carried out at intervals of no greater than 12 months by suitably qualified personnel.

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