Frequently Asked Questions

The following subjects encompass a range of inquiries. Should you require further assistance or find that your questions remain unanswered, don’t hesitate to inquire further. We’re here to help!

How much does a playground cost?

It varies from playground to playground and depends on the final result you are wanting to achieve. However, Moduplay has broken it down for you and clearly set out the costs of playground in the article here.

How can I fund my playground upgrade?

Of course, there are a multitude of ways to raise funds for any community project. Here are few tips to make it easier for you to get started:

  • Start by signing up with The Funding Centre – this is the most amazingly helpful organisation if you are a Not-For-Profit trying to find available grants or raise money. We have no affiliation  and receive no reward of any kind for recommending them. The Funding Centre is a division of Our Community Org that has a myriad of tools to help organisation’s find grants and raise funds. It will cost you $85/yr to subscribe to their newsletter but it can literally save you days of time trying to find and collate all of the relevant information about grants and funding opportunities.
  • Check for any upcoming NSW Government Grants here – NSW Community Building Partnerships
  • Check for any upcoming Federal Government Grants here –
  • Make careful note of the closing dates for any relevant grants and get your application in early.
  • Once you have set yourself up to be notified of any grants, assemble a list of other ways to raise funds – some ideas to get you started here at The Fundraising Directory
  • Ideas without a plan of action are just ideas. Create a fundraising activity calendar and share it with your team. Engage your team where they can help the most and keep everybody up-to-date with progress.

This information came from this blog in case you want to make the question shorter and just link them through to this page.

Do you supply Soft Fall?

Yes. EPDM/Rubber soft fall comes at a higher cost than other safety surfacing, but has lower maintenance and has colour and pattern options.

What types of safety surfacing is available?

Safety Surfacing is grouped into 2 types. Natural product, that is “Organic” (eg: mulch, bark chip, sand etc), or manufactured product, that is “Non-Organic” (eg: Rubber, synthetic grass, soft-tiles or mats).

When do I need soft fall?

All playground equipment with a potential fall height of over 600mm high requires an approved soft-fall material to be installed under and around it in accordance with Australian Standards.

What makes a playground inclusive?

Equal access play is achieved by skilful design integration that recognises the needs of children with different levels of ability. The result is not simply “inclusiveness”, but better design outcomes and greater play value for all users.

An inclusive playground aims to create a welcoming environment where children of all abilities can play and interact together. By considering accessibility, safety, inclusive equipment, sensory experiences, and involving the community, you can design a playground that fosters inclusivity and promotes interaction of all children.

Find out how you can bring inclusive play into your space here.

Where can I find inclusive items on your website?

We have collated a selection of activities that are especially directed towards children with special needs in order to ensure that every child has the same opportunity to get the benefits of learning through play. You can view all Moduplay Inclusive products here.

Also, look out for the inclusive icon throughout our catalogue and website.

What is the playground design process like?

Please refer to our Playground Design process here.

How do we arrange a site visit?

We prefer to visit your site if possible. There is no charge, no-obligation and no pushy sales staff and we are sure it will be helpful to you. We can look at the various features of your location that may affect the design of your play area. We consider for aspect (direction of the sun) in your design and make the best use of the visit to help you get the best result with your project.

How long does it take for a playground to be delivered?

The delivery time depends on the type of products you have ordered. Normal delivery times are 6-8 weeks from the time of order to the time of delivery. Weather conditions can have an effect on installation times so make sure you consider for that when doing your planning.

Are your playgrounds safe?

Playgrounds in Australia need to comply to AS to be considered safe. The best way to assure compliance is to have regular inspections from an accredited inspector. Interestingly, this also applies to play equipment installed in residential locations.

AS 4685.0:2017Playground equipment and surfacing
Development, installation, inspection, maintenance and operation
AS 4685.1:2021Playground equipment and surfacing
General safety requirements and test methods
AS 4685.2:2021Playground equipment and surfacing
Additional safety requirements and test methods for swings
AS 4685.3:2021Playground equipment and surfacing
Additional safety requirements and test methods for slides
AS 4685.4:2021Playground equipment and surfacing
Additional safety requirements and test methods for cableways
AS 4685.5:2021Playground equipment and surfacing
Additional specific safety requirements and test methods for carousels
AS 4685.6:2021Playground equipment and surfacing
Additional safety requirements and test methods for rocking equipment
AS 16630:2021Permanently installed outdoor fitness equipment
Safety requirements and test methods
AS EN 16899:2020Sports and recreational equipment – Parkour equipment
Safety requirements and test methods
AS/NZS 4422:2016Playground surfacing
Specifications, requirements and test method
AS 4685.11:2014Playground equipment
Additional safety requirements and test methods for spatial networks

Does Moduplay offer auditing services?

While our team is highly experienced in working with Moduplay playground equipment and can provide general safety advice and maintenance inspections, we are not level III qualified auditors or inspectors, so we would not be able to issue a level III certification. However, Moduplay is able to organise this inspection and certification for you at the completion of your project, if required. This would be carried out by an independent NATA accredited testing body such as the below:


Star Structures
4 Boynton Street, Blaxland NSW 2774
P: 0416 208 167
E: [email protected]


Play Force Pty Ltd
34-36 Calcium Ct, Crestmead QLD 4132
P: 07 3803 1788
E: [email protected]


Donegan Enterprises
9/26 Rudloc Rd, Morley WA 6062
P: 08 9275 1098
E: [email protected]


Scape & Play
PO Box 339, Greensborough VIC 3088
P: 03 9467 3085
E: [email protected]

Please note regular inhouse inspections should be carried out to keep your playground in good condition and maintain the longevity of the equipment. You can download Moduplay’s Maintenance & Inspection Handbook here.

What colours are available for equipment?

Moduplay have an array of colour schemes to choose from that are inspired by the natural beauty of Australia. You can view these colour schemes here.
If you have a special project where you need to match other items or colours of existing buildings, we can accommodate for this.

Do you supply shade/fencing/sporting courts?

Yes. We supply shade structures of all types and fencing of all types to suit your requirements. As the manufacturers of your play equipment, we can easily colour match the shade and fencing with the equipment to ensure you have consistent colour themes throughout the project.

Where is Moduplay equipment manufactured?

Moduplay is a 100% Australian owned and Australian manufacturer of play equipment and related products. More than 94% of our products are made right here in Australia. Find out more here

What kind of sustainable practices does Moduplay engage in?

Everything we do at Moduplay is about creating a better future for the children and we do this through:

  • LOCAL MANUFACTURING reduces ‘product miles’. Transporting products from overseas has a major impact on the environment.
  • ECO MATERIALS are manufactured using recycled and recyclable materials. Over 90% of materials enter the Circular Economy for up-cycling at “end-of-life”.
  • SUSTAINABLE TIMBER sourced from Australian grown plantation forests or by using reclaimed timber from authorised clearings. No chemical treatment.
  • NON-TOXIC COATINGS using eco-approved coatings, safe for child-contact and complying with Australian safety standards.
  • LIFE CYCLE COSTS diminished by using quality Australian materials. Maintenance costs are reduced through local supply, offering compelling lifetime value.
  • REPAIRABLE NOT DISPOSABLE with spare parts and maintenance programs available for the lifetime of the playground.

What percentage of Moduplay products contain recycled materials?

Recycled content is used wherever possible in our manufacturing processes including aluminium sections, plastic sheeting and non-toxic coatings. For example, aluminium posts, decks and other items are constructed from Australian made aluminium which consists of up to 60% recycled content, and our HDPE plastic sheet materials can contain up to 30% recycled content.

What do we need to do to maintain our playground?

Your playground supplier should provide specific information for maintaining the play equipment they supplied you. Sometimes special tools are required but typically maintenance requires timely visual inspections using a simple checklist and referring back to your supplier or maintenance professional for anything more complicated.

Do you sell spare parts for playgrounds?

Yes, we have a dedicated website to spare parts. Go to

What does Moduplay warranty cover?

On completion of every project, Moduplay provides a comprehensive set of Warranties and Guarantees. These are extensive, reflecting our belief in the soundness of our design and manufacturing processes, and the stringency of our pre-handover QA checks.

  • 20 Year Guarantee: Metal Upright Posts and Platforms
  • 10 Year Guarantee: Timber Upright Posts, Platforms and Static Timber Components
  • Extreme Marine12 Year Guarantee: Extreme Marine Protection Package
    For extreme coastal locations ask about Extreme Marine Protection Package.

You can view our full warranty here.

Note: Moduplay’s warranty does not cover aesthetic issues or deliberate acts of vandalism. Full Warranty & Guarantee documents always apply over this summary.

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