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One of the many keys to unlocking the power of our minds can be found in solving puzzles

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Crosswords, Sudoku, Jigsaw Puzzles and Rubik’s Cubes are all beneficial to our cognitive health and ability to remember things.

Now meet Moduplay Skyblocks, where children can engage in the puzzle of climbing and problem solving as they play.

Visually striking and presenting physical challenge to climb, these impressively designed structures not only create a unique aesthetic, but serve to stimulate both the mind and body. Manufactured with durable galvanised steel frames, anti-climb stainless steel netting and sporting an abundance of Moduplay favourites, the Skyblocks are designed to be navigated during play, featuring an array of exciting climbing activities, to boost essential problem-solving skills and dexterity.

The geometric framing of each cube creates a striking rotary visual, combined with the challenge of various climbing structures and the contrast of winding tube slides, these towers serve as a larger than life Rubik’s Cube. An ode to their namesakes, Feliks Twin, and Hilliard Bridge, some of the world’s greatest, and fastest minds in the solving of the Rubik’s Cube!

Kubus Triple, the largest of the range, stands at almost seven metres tall! A multi-tiered climbing unit, this impressive structure boasts numerous climbing nets, two remarkable tube slides and an integrated nest swing seat, an area to relax and socialise.

A striking new statement piece to any new playspace, Moduplay’s Australian designed and manufactured Skyblocks range is now live.

With a full range of Moduplay colours available, explore them for yourself.

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