Embracing Nature’s Essence in Play

Revitalising Play with Nature: New and improved Bushwood range by Moduplay

Moduplay Team 3 min read January 18, 2024 Sustainability & Innovation

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Moduplay‘s recent relaunch of the Bushwood range signifies a monumental step in harmonising play with nature. Our latest design enhancements focus on infusing a more ‘handcrafted’ aesthetic into each piece. This transformation aligns perfectly with the fundamental ethos of the Bushwood range – to merge the innocence and wonder of natural play with the safety and durability of modern commercial playground equipment.

The Handcrafted Touch; A Key to Immersion

The most notable change in our Bushwood range is the introduction of a more refined & durable ‘handcrafted’ look & feel to some of our horizontal posts. This subtle yet significant modification elevates the sensory experience, making each interaction with the equipment feel more authentic and connected to nature. The tactile nature of these elements invites children to explore and engage more deeply, fostering a genuine sense of being part of the natural world.

Why This Change Matters

In today’s digital age, the importance of physical and imaginative play in natural settings has never been more crucial. Our redesign aims to bridge the gap between the digital and natural worlds, offering children a chance to immerse themselves in imaginative play while developing essential physical and cognitive skills. The handcrafted elements in our Bushwood range encourage this by creating a more inviting and engaging environment that resonates with the raw beauty of nature.

PROJECT: Carmen’s Reserve, Lilydale, Vic

The Uniqueness of Bushwood:
Blending with Nature

What sets the Bushwood range apart is its ability to blend seamlessly into natural environments. Each piece, from the Watagan to the Tropicana Bungalo & the Log Run, is designed to complement, not compete with, its natural surroundings. This integration encourages children to view nature not as a backdrop but as an integral part of their play experience.

Safety is paramount in all Moduplay designs, and Bushwood is no exception. While allowing children to ‘lose themselves’ in the sticks, each product is meticulously engineered to ensure a safe, controlled environment. This balance between adventure and safety means parents and caregivers can feel confident that children are experiencing the joys of nature play without unnecessary risks.

The core of Moduplay‘s philosophy lies in our innovative approach to playground design, a deep-rooted commitment to Australian manufacturing, and an adaptive response to the evolving needs of communities. Each project reinforces our dedication to enhancing play experiences and community well-being. With our ability to supply equipment worldwide, coupled with an extensive network, we guarantee the provision of high-quality installations, maintenance, and support services. Whether in remote outback communities or bustling urban centres, Moduplay stands as a beacon of quality, innovation, and dedication to enriching the lives of children and communities while Bringing Play to The World™.

Embarking on a playground project? Join us in this innovative journey to transform play spaces into realms where stories unfold, adventures beckon, and learning thrives. At Moduplay, we’re committed to creating playgrounds that are more than just places to play – they are landscapes where imagination and education harmoniously intertwine.

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