Fast moving action in a compact and exciting play area where kids can really try their fitness levels and stamina.

The Moduplay Geoclimber is one of our most popular products and has been a cornerstone of our business since we first coined the idea in 2001. 15 years on and they’re as popular as ever, whether we’re selling them as individual units or integrating them into one of our award-winning designs, there always seems to be some Geoclimbers going out the door.

Cargo nets on the top of Geoclimbers get used as monkey bars to swing from one activity to another. No platforms mean the kids have to balance and hang on as they traverse between activities, helping kids of all ages develop their core strength, stamina and spatial awareness – all crucial elements of the development of a child. The Geoclimber is more than just a piece of play equipment, it’s a strong, versatile, long-lasting imagination space which boasts an almost endless list of possibilities!

The Moduplay Geoclimber is a way to stand out from the crowd – make a statement if you will. It allows kids to swing, climb, jump, balance, hang, hide and run until they’re too tired to move. Think of it as the child equivalent to the phrase “Shop ’til you drop” – the Moduplay Geoclimber will have all kids “Playing ’til they’re laying… down”.

Geo Climber

The Moduplay Geoclimber can stand on its own or it can be attached to one of our existing playground designs (as seen above) with the help of our experienced design team!

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