Berkeley, NSW

Berkeley Public School

If there’s one thing Moduplay loves more than playgrounds, it’s seeing playgrounds in action!

This all-new inclusive school playground at Berkeley Public School has generated a hive of activity, providing students with all the necessary play elements to venture into the wonderful world of play, together!

Project Overview

Budget (Equipment Only)
$65,000 – $75,000
Date Built
berkeley-public-school_playground with slides berkeley-public-school_playground with wheelchair access Berkeley-public-school_playground with juggler berkeley-public-school_playground with obstacle course

Playground for everyone

This unique Capital Playground design incorporates something for everyone, with the employment of surrounding rubber softfall and accessible ramps meaning the area can be easily accessed by wheelchair users and provides a completely inclusive experience from kindergarten to year 6.

Various panels and accessories including a control panel and animal puzzle, provide the opportunity for imaginative play and problem solving, made accessible via an integrated timber ramp. Meanwhile, activities to challenge dexterity and motor skills are employed to create an ‘obstacle course’ loop around the main unit, perfect for monkeying around between classes.

Fostering playful diversity

Moduplay’s Design and Construction teams have used thoughtful landscape elements to create a fully functional school playground space; bright colours, unique rubber soft fall patterns and landscaped garden beds. Working towards a natural continuation of the existing school facilities and taking full advantage of a central schoolyard space, the play area a distinguished escape from the classroom.

Moduplay has been able to create this playground space at Berkeley Public School with the primary goal of providing playground equipment with purpose and relevance to the diversity of the school community, allowing everyone to engage in the wonderful world of play!

Products Used

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