Understanding Safety Playground surfacing

Safety Surfacing, often referred to as ‘Soft-Fall’, is an important part of your playground design and there are many factors to consider …

Soft-fall_safety playground surfacing

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Most play equipment allows children to scramble and climb above ground level and there is the potential for them to fall or jump to the ground. It is essential to provide a safe landing surface.

Safety Surfacing is grouped into 2 types. Natural product, that is “Organic” (eg: mulch, bark chip, sand etc), or manufactured product, that is “Non-Organic” (eg: Rubber, synthetic grass, soft-tiles or mats).

Both have advantages and disadvantages, and you need to consider what suits your project the best.

Organic blends with natural landscapes, stays cooler in the sun and is lower cost but requires maintenance.

Non-Organic allows for patterns, colours and play activities to be designed in and is lower maintenance. However it is higher cost and can get hot in direct sunlight.

Lower cost and higher maintenance. Blends in with surroundings and softens the appearance.

Medium/lower cost and higher maintenance.
Great for coastal locations, can be heat affected.

synthetic_rubber palyground surface

Higher cost and lower maintenance with options for pattern and colours.

synthetic turf palyground surface

Medium cost and lower maintenance.
Grass look with less pattern.

Inorganic soft-fall (man-made)$280m2 – $550m2
Organic soft-fall (natural)$90m2 – $120m2
Timber border edge$90m – $150m
Concrete border edge$150m – $250m

These are not Moduplay prices. These are generic industry rates as a rough guide in 2024.

Soft-fall_safety playground surface

The Moduplay Design Team has vast experience with including the best safety surfacing options to suit the particular needs of your project and will gladly help you achieve the Best Possible OutcomeTM with the various options.

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