Meet the new Moduplay Quartz Climbers… making their presence known in playgrounds around Australia.

Designing new play spaces with a wide choice of play challenges is what we love to do, and it’s what we love to see other play designers do with great play products like the Quartz Climbers.

The new Moduplay Quartz Climbers have really found that sweet spot between a sculpture and a great play challenge for children of all ages as they spring up in parks right across Australia.

Four standard designs offer climbing challenges for all age groups. The Ladder is a simple vertical design. Lazily reclining on its back is The Sloth with a lower level climbing area leading up to a point. The Hanging Rock presents a breath-taking precipice overhang after a vertical climb, and The Camel is the ultimate challenge for budding free climbers reaching to a giddy 3m high at the top.

Moduplay Quartz climbers are 100% Australian made using plastic sheet made from recycled from 2L milk jugs (we’ve been using this material for many years reducing landfill).


For pricing and more information on any of these designs contact our helpful Project Design team here.

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