The Snowy Monaro Council in partnership with Moduplay, has recently unveiled six new exciting playgrounds for the local community to enjoy, with four more on the way.

Each bespoke playground design was developed to meet the specific needs of the area and community.

1. Centennial Park Cooma

The largest of the ten projects for Snowy Monaro Council, the new playground at Centennial Park Cooma has an original Moduplay Lofty Castle Skytower rising above the trees!

With a plethora of activity panels and play value, this unit is a gargantuan addition to any area and will stand tall for decades to come. Accompanying this tower of fun is a Capital Multiplay Unit for younger children, and several standalone activities scattered throughout the space, such as Sensory Flowers and Voice Tubes, a Capital Quad Swing, a Mammoth Swing, All Access Spinner and more!

2.Bombala Playground

The new inclusive playground at Bombala Park was designed and built to allow everyone to play. The Commercial Playgrounds features a Capital Multiplay Unit, Combo Nest Swing, an Inclusive Saucer, 25m Double Skyrider and a wheelchair compliant table setting.

3. Nijong Oval Playground

Designed for 2-13 year olds, this colourful play space includes a Geoclimber Premium Combination Unit, boasting a hive of activity with many climbing and transition challenges; a Combination Balance Trail, featuring an interactive course to develop balance and dexterity where kids can really try their fitness levels and stamina; a trampoline, Sketch play unit and much more! No platforms on the Geoclimber unit and Balance Trail mean the kids have to balance and hang on as they traverse between activities.

4. Dalgety Showground

See how much the local children already love playing on their new playground at Dalgety Showground! The play space features a Capital Combination Unit, Capital Two Seat Swing and seating for caregivers.

5. Rotary Oval Playground Cooma

The bespoke train design for Rotary Oval Park in Cooma allows for inclusive play with an Inclusive Saucer Spinner and Inclusive Zig Zag & Carriage main play unit.

6. Adaminiby Playground

The pirate-themed playground at Adaminiby features a Capital Combination Unit with a myriad of climbing and rope structures to help teach strength and coordination. A Capital Combo Nest Swing, Starfish Spinner and Wave Rider finish the space and add to the ocean theme.

7. Berridale Lions Park

The Grand Gatehouse Combination Unit takes pride of place at the new Berridale Lions Park Playground. Accompanying it is a Combo Nest Swing, Trampoline, Whirly Rope spinner and Balance Trail activity!

8. Kalkite Playground

The quaint playground at Kalkite Park will feature a Compact Double Swing including hammock swing and a Precinct Street and Park Multiplank table setting for the perfect family lunch spot.

9. Cooma North Shops Playground

Designed to accommodate 1-14 year olds, the new playground at Cooma North Shops has a Capital Multiplay Unit with Rockwall Climber and Crawl Tunnel, a Rotanet and a Curved Crawl Tunnel.

10. Jindabyne Fitness Equipment

Rounding out the ten new play spaces for the Snowy Monaro area is the Jindabyne Fitness Park, featuring activities to improve strength, dexterity, coordination and balance. Including a Monkey Bar Trail, Pull-up and Chin-up Stations, Staggered Push-ups, a single Sit-up Bench, Plyometric Jump Platforms, Cypress Balance Beams and a Commando Balance Rope, this park has fitness equipment to accommodate all levels of abilities from beginner to gym-junkie.


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