The new 1.5 acre play space at Strathfield Park was opened in September 2017 and what an amazing event it was!

Thousands of people poured through the gates of the park to get a glimpse of their community’s new “jewel-in-the-crown” play area and to take part in the celebrations.

Moduplay’s design was successful due to 3 main points:


Construction took only 12 weeks on site after an extensive design and planning process. Moduplay provided Project Management services to Strathfield Council as part of the Design & Construct process.

Strathfield Park

The playground features some of the following equipment:


Plus MUCH more!

Strathfield Park

Strathfield Park truly needs to be seen to be believed. The inclusive playground allows all children (and their parents) to play side by side in a safe and welcoming environment. The awe inspiring SkyTowers™ are a sight to see and the nature inspired play area has something for everybody to enjoy.

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