5 Things School Principals want to know when building a new playground

After the completion of a new play space we often ask the School Principal: “What concerns does a School Principal have when purchasing a new playground?

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Building a new playground for your school can be a daunting task for any School Principal, especially when it’s an added responsibility on top of the day to day running of a school.

Over the years we have discovered there is a reliable pattern to the list of things a School Principal wants to see from a project involving a new playground build.

And we decided that if we solved these concerns for School Principals (which is what we do) then we would endear ourselves to them wherever we have the privilege of working with School Principals (which we have done to the best of our ability!).

To encapsulate the desired outcomes after the completion of a new play space we often ask the School Principal:

This is what they say:

Every School Principal wants their children to develop the stamina, strength and physical fitness required for a fulfilling life but not at the expense of safety. We provide peace-of-mind by designing play spaces that comply with the Australian Safety Standards but still offer amazing challenges to the children.

We have spent the last 30 years refining the products we offer to schools. The best Australian made materials and the most advanced manufacturing techniques are utilized by our dedicated production team at Moduplay to offer you a playground that will stand the test of time. All products carry extensive warranties.

Most School Principals will only be involved with 1 or 2 playground purchases throughout their career. How do they make sure the design will be correct for their school? We offer a unique Best Design Guarantee. It’s the extra work we do to ensure the design is 100% right for your school, your students and your budget.

We don’t build the cheapest playgrounds but they are usually the cheapest in the long run. We build playgrounds that will serve generations of children at the same school, we spend a lot of time getting the design right to give the most Play Value, and we use our own specialised install teams so you have a good experience when they are on site.

We work closely with your school to co-ordinate the installation process. We train our install teams to make it easy for your staff, we follow all WHS guidelines to keep everybody safe and we organise all related trades. We leave the site safe and clean during the construction stage.

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