Natural elements like sand and water trigger children’s sensory skills and stimulate creative development

Watch a child that is letting water run through their fingers or sifting sand and you are witnessing a complex set of skills being developed and deep level learning taking place.

When children are engaged in playing with natural elements the synapses in their brains are firing like a high speed internet server and they are laying down permanent foundation blocks in the development of their reflexes and fine motor skills.

And all of that from just a little interaction with water and sand or other natural materials!

One of the challenges of facilitating play with natural elements is to provide play pieces that children will engage with willingly so they receive the rich benefit of these activities.

A great example of a Moduplay piece that encourages interaction with natural elements is the The Sandworks WA-9423

This relatively simple play station provides scope for at least 5 different types of interaction with the elements and other children:

  1. Load shifting from ground to platform and workbench
  2. Sorting between the different outlet pipes
  3. Sifting sand or mulch through the mesh
  4. Building with sand on the work table
  5. Role play with the walkie talkie

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We strive to provide products that children will love, play designers will be happy to specify and that are of such high quality the owners of play spaces will appreciate their longevity and low whole-of-life cost.

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