What an incredible result! And such a beautiful way to remember our brave and unselfish firefighters.

After months of work, planning, engineering, manufacturing and installing the RFS Fire Truck Memorial playground at Buxton Park, we can finally see the fruit of everybody’s labour.

The children and families of the area, and those that visit, have been enjoying this very special playground since the grand opening in December 2020.

This playground was funded and built in remembrance of the 2 brave firefighters that lost their lives during the bushfires in the area in 2019. Geoffrey Keaton (32) and Andrew O’Dwyer (36) from the Horsley park Rural Fire Brigade.

We put together a short video for an insight into how it came together. We couldn’t be more happy with the result of working with the Rural Fire Service and Wollondilly Shire Council.

Once again it brings home to us how valuable our volunteer firefighters are. In a country where bushfire has always been a threat during the summer months, we simply express our appreciation for the men and women that are prepared to lay everything on the line to preserve people’s lives and property.

We agree it is a fitting way to remember the men that died and has become a place of reflection, peace and enjoyment for the children and families involved and everybody in the community.

On the technical side it demonstrates the support we had from our talented team to conceive of, design and build a completely unique play structure, based on the Cat 1 Fire Unit being used by the men at the time of the tragedy.

Our team not only delivered it on time but also for a much better price outcome due to Moduplay being an Australian manufacturer.

Get in touch for any unique or bespoke play structures you need. We have the design expertise, the safety standards knowledge and the production capacity to make it successful for you.

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