Wollongong City Council successfully opened their newest play space at Ray Crump Oval, Primbee to a large cheer from local school students!

As part of a community consultation process, the enthusiastic kids from Primbee Public School worked with members of council to help design the new playground at Ray Crump Oval. In attendance on the day were some of the designers, who were busy admiring their vision and skills as they gave the new equipment its first good test drive. 

With several Moduplay employees in attendance, the event seemed to have an impact on them – giving them a fresh perspective on just how much their work can impact a community. 

It was great to see pure joy just radiating from all of the people there (parents included). The impact this space has already had on the people of Primbee is immeasurable, it will be sure to serve as a fantastic community space for many years to come– Reece Conley | Moduplay

Ray Crump Oval

The design ideas were compiled and presented as what you see before you by several members of the Moduplay team. Roy Quinsey, one of the lead designers had the following to say about the project:

The design incorporates top voted features in the community consultation, with the 3m Mammoth swing serving as a centre piece for the space. This design incorporates different surfaces and landscape features to soften the feel of the park and create an enjoyable space for children and carers to spend time. – Roy Quinsey | Designer 

The park features a great mix of equipment including a SkyRider, 4m SkyClimber, Custom Moduplay Capital Unit, The Launch and a 3m Mammoth Swing, which is proving to be very popular!

A great day was had by all, thank you to Wollongong Council for hosting such a fantastic day – one to remember!


Ray Crump Oval

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