Wentworth Falls, NSW

Wentworth Falls Lake Park

Set on the banks of the Wentworth Falls Lake, right in the heart of Blue Mountains City Council, lies a magical Moduplay Design & Construct. This integrated space sees the union of the striking surrounding natural landscape with Australian owned and made playground equipment, creating an enduring and unique retreat for all.

Project Overview

Project Type
Council & Government
Budget (Equipment Only)
$195,000 – $205,000
Date Built

The fusion of sensory, climbing and equal-access playground equipment, creates the perfect space for all ages and abilities!

Central to this space stands the 6m Wildnet, a welcome addition to the regions rugged mountains, allowing children to hike to its highest treads and appreciate the spectacular views from its very peak.

In contrast, the Bushwood Balance trail and All-Access Carousel allows for a challenge a little closer to the ground!

Right down to the finer landscaping details, the true reflection of the natural landscape is clear. Peppered with custom designed totem poles, rounded timber decking, neutral rubber Softfall as well as amazing shade structures, this well-executed design serves as an ode to the dense Eucalypt forests of the area, showcasing a scattering of gum leaves, blending with the already existing foliage to create a cool, shaded sanctuary.

This community approved space provides yet another hidden gem in the beautiful Blue Mountains region, an attraction not to be missed!

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