Telopea, NSW

Sturt Park

A lockdown baby of the Parramatta LGA, the construction of Sturt Park was able to shine a light at the end of the tunnel for the community of Telopea, with its grand opening in early 2022. One of two major playground upgrades in the area, Sturt Park sees the incorporation of an abundance of Moduplay’s high-end Australian Manufactured playground equipment nestled in the leafy, spacious park.

Project Overview

Project Type
Council & Government
Budget (Equipment Only)
$295,000 – $315,000
Date Built

This space provides a series of nature play based playground activities to engage a broader age group, with statement structures, earthy colours and bespoke design to create an inner-city oasis.

Namely, the Spaghetti Crinkle net with its undulating rolled steel frame facilitates a challenging climbing activity for older children, with its sculptural design providing a functional piece of art within the space.

The staples, a Premium Combination unit with mound slide and The Belltower Skytower, tap into the topographical elements of the space. The Skytower imitating a treehouse, allows children to safely climb to the treetops and observe the space below, maximising the space with its verticality and allowing further sensory and low-lying activities to be integrated in the space. The Premium unit serves as a functional and sturdy playground structure for users of all ages, the activity panels and rock-climbing wall providing a challenge for its smaller users.

In a city retreat peppered with by established gums and a treasure trove of Moduplay playground activities is where you will find Sturt Park. A welcoming space and a much-needed upgrade for the fast-growing suburb of Telopea.

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