St. Ives, NSW

St Ives North Public School

The children at St Ives have a whole lot of new reasons to go to school with the new playground equipment and Wild Ninja course now open and engaging them with lots of challenging and exciting outdoor play.

Project Overview

Budget (Equipment Only)
$90,000 – $100,000
Date Built

A whole lot of new reasons to go to school!

The new play area needed to combine the best play opportunities for all age groups and still fit within the required space and budget. The Moduplay Design Team got to work and delivered on that brief in spades.

With both play areas providing for a range of play capabilities there is a total of 28 play activities which can cater for up to 50-60 children at a time. The unique use patterns of play equipment in schools requires consideration for playgrounds to be “swamped” during peak periods, recess and lunch breaks.

This means having plenty of ingress and egress routes, sufficient numbers of play activities that can be used concurrently and heavy foot traffic areas to be designed to cope with numbers of students using them together.

With all of these aspects designed into the new playground and Wild Ninja course the children of St Ives Public School can look forward to many happy and exciting outdoor play adventures during their time at school.

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