Wagga Wagga, NSW

Riverside Adventure Playground

In 2022, the completion of one of Moduplay’s most elaborate playground design and construct projects – the impressive, immeasurably exciting and awe-inspiring Wagga Riverside Adventure Park. A proudly all Australian made, designed and constructed recreation facility, specially tailored to reflect the Wagga Beach area’s importance to the region.

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An inland NSW City with a deep-rooted history, the winding Murrumbidgee, a landscape painted with Red River Gums and now, a beautifully upgraded playspace for the community to enjoy!

The complete bespoke playground design and construct, features a broad spectrum of Australian manufactured play elements to engage and provide an all-access experience. At its centre, the bespoke River Boat, with curved rolled steel frames and various rope activities doubles as an entertaining theme- play activity and acknowledges an extensive history of the Paddle Steamers that once travelled up and down the river.

The eye-catching Wagga Water Wizz towers stand at a whopping height over the space, their winding tube slides and intricate ramps providing endless hours of fun for all users. The Paddle Steamer and Water Wizz were units both designed by Moduplay’s creative in-house playground design team.

Along with the bespoke Towers and Riverboat elements, the playground features an extensive variety of Moduplay’s timeless Australian Made activities including but not limited to:

The inclusion of imaginative landscape and playground design elements, right from the intricate rubber soft fall patterns, to winding concrete paths and landscaped creek beds are all part of the a well thought and structured design process. The intention of creating a well-rounded, inclusive and family- friendly space is apparent, with multiple shaded areas, seating and park shelters for everybody in the community to appreciate and unwind.

Inspired by the deep history of the city of Wagga Wagga, and an acknowledgement to the traditional custodians of the land – the Wiradjuri people, this colossal space has been created with the intention of bringing people together to experience the world of play in one of the most loved and utilised shorelines on the Murrumbidgee.

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