South Durras, NSW

Lakesea Park

Moduplay’s Design and Construct at Lakesea Tourist Park is part of a significant upgrade to the caravan park’s existing playground facility. With the proviso of an engaging nature themed playground, our designers were able to integrate a handpicked selection of Australia’s Own playground equipment, paired with street and park furniture, to create an inclusive social centre for visitors of all ages.

Project Overview

Budget (Equipment Only)
$50,000 – $60,000
Date Built

The South Coast of NSW, an area revelled for its magnificent beaches, rugged bushland and abundance of camping destinations has gained another attraction on the map!

It is no secret that caravanning, and camping does wonders for a child’s social development and explorative skills, with this playspace adding greater value to enriching relationship building and nature play.

The eye catching bespoke Premium unit, with custom nature themed panel encourages children to engage with their natural setting, as well as challenge dexterity and vertical climbing strength. Meanwhile, the Inclusive Saucer, Rocker and Premium Double Bay Swing provide choice for younger children.

Thoughtful landscaping elements, including a small yarning circle built with sandstone blocks, accessible paths flush to the rubber soft fall, public barbecues and ample shade maximise the space, providing equal access to all users and allowing visitors to escape the heat. Pool fencing surrounding the playspace ensures that younger children can safely play and interact without coming into contact with the surrounding road and bicycle path, all the while providing parents a number of focal points for supervision.

Working closely with the team at Lakesea Caravan Park, Moduplay has worked to provide a refreshing new space, from the initial design concepts, right through to the finer landscaping touches, adding great value to this bustling holiday destination for years to come!

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