Werrington, NSW

Kings Central

Kings Central’s Park is more than a playground; it is a vibrant heart of the community, blending play, fitness, and cultural storytelling into a cohesive and enriching experience. It reflects a commitment to inclusivity, health, and cultural respect, making it a cherished space for all who visit. As Kings Central continues to grow, this park will undoubtedly remain a focal point of community life, embodying the spirit of togetherness and shared heritage that makes this area so special.

Project Overview

Budget (Equipment Only)
$180,000 – $200,000
Date Built
Kings-central_playground_equipment Kings-central park_playground_swings Kings-central park_playground_swing and slide Kings-central park_playground_fitness equipment

A Playground for Everyone

At the core of Kings Central Park’s offering is a play space that has been carefully designed to be as inclusive as it is engaging. Playground caters to children of all ages and abilities, ensuring that each visitor finds something to spark joy and encourage growth. Highlights include:

Beyond Play: Fitness and Community

Recognising the diverse needs of its community, Kings Central’s Park extends its amenities to include a kickabout area perfect for impromptu football matches, and onsite fitness equipment aimed at older children and adults. This thoughtful blend of facilities underscores the park’s foundational role in promoting health, wellness, and communal interaction.

The park also boasts sheltered picnic areas, ideal for hosting birthday parties or enjoying casual Sunday picnics. These spaces are designed to foster a deep sense of community and belonging, making every gathering a memorable one.

Cultural Richness Through Art and Storytelling

A unique and compelling aspect of the park is its interpretive art overlay, resulting from a collaboration between Place Design Group and Dharug Educators and Artists Leanne Watson and Erin Wilkins. This initiative weaves the Dharug story of Wirriga, the goanna, into the fabric of the playground. It is a narrative of protection, growth, and independence, with the goanna’s journey elegantly integrated into the soft fall mound. This feature not only beautifies the park but also serves as a poignant reminder of the land’s Indigenous heritage, inviting children and adults to connect with these ancient stories and values.

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