Cheltenham, VIC

Jean St

Project Overview

Project Type
Council & Government
Budget (Equipment Only)
$75,000 – $95,000
Date Built

Our inaugural project with the City of Kingston at Jean Street Reserve stands as a testament to Moduplay‘s innovative approach to overcoming challenging site conditions. This project highlights our commitment to designing play spaces that are not only imaginative and engaging but also resilient and adaptable to the unique site demands.

At Jean Street Reserve, we’ve crafted a dynamic and inclusive play area that caters to a wide range of ages and abilities. Central to this project is our innovative use of space, transforming this site into a multi-faceted play environment. The playground features a blend of custom-designed elements, including a Custom SkyTower, play panels & some Balance & Fitness items. All of these elements are harmoniously integrated to create a stimulating and safe play area.

This project, a first for us with the City of Kingston, not only showcases our ability to deliver customised play solutions but also underlines our dedication to delivering unmatched play value to every space, regardless of the challenges each project may present. Jean Street Reserve is set to become a beloved community hub in Cheltenham, offering a unique and exciting play experience that serves the needs of its residents.

Products Used

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