Woodlands, WA

Jackadder Lake Playground

The eclectic new space at Jackadder Lake Reserve is a shining example of the collaboration between Moduplay, Council and Community! This space, approved through community consultation, exhibits a purposeful and dynamic array of play elements and provides a recreational outlet for the local and greater community alike.

Project Overview

Project Type
Council & Government
Budget (Equipment Only)
$110,000 – $125,000
Date Built

At Jackadder Lake Reserve, Moduplay’s collaborative effort with council and the community brings a dynamic recreational haven.

Presenting to a wide demographic of children, the equipment has been selected to both challenge and engage those of all ages and abilities. The large Capital Multiplay unit at the forefront of the space offers a number of climbing, sliding and balancing opportunities to encourage children to select a level of play best suited to individual abilities.

Moduplay’s bespoke Turtle Rocker serves as a reflection of the environmentally significant oblong turtle species, which takes residence in the Jackadder Lake. Highly valued to the ecology of the area, City of Stirling Council has also taken measures to create turtle nesting areas for the conservation of the unique reptiles.

To tie the space together, the Capital Double Bay Swing, Pelican Rocker and a colourful collection of abacus beads suspended between shade posts, make for a creative, vibrant and community focussed space.

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