Lochinvar, NSW

Hereford Hill Playground

In a fast-developing area of the superbly scenic Hunter Valley Region stands the new Hereford Hill community playspace. Working in collaboration with McCloy Group, Moduplay has designed a series of Australian Made playground equipment to create this rural-themed retreat. Once a Hereford Cattle Farm, the Hereford Hill area and its new playspace comes with an important connection to the history of this picturesque area.

Project Overview

Budget (Equipment Only)
$105,000 – $115,000
Date Built

With many tokens to its namesake, this space is home to a variety of Hereford inspired play elements. The Bespoke rural themed Skytower assumes centre stage, clad with various steel and poly safety panels, high corrugated roofs, and winding slides, to further highlight that country feel. At its summit, a custom Hereford emblem nods to the area’s deep history.

From Moduplay’ extensive themed spring play range, the Cow spring rocker grazes in a quiet corner of the playground, while other immersive play elements including Moduplay’s Australian Made Cahill Double Bay Swing, an integrated Double Turbo Mound slide and a challenging timber balance area serve to test and engage.

Showcasing Australia’s Own Manufactured playground equipment, this inviting playspace is the perfect space to be enjoyed by families and for children of the community to cherish and learn about the history of the area they call home.

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