Cobram, VIC

Federation Park

In the storied town of Cobram, graced by the tranquil Murray River, the Federation Park play area has emerged as a contemporary homage to the town’s agricultural roots and a bastion of inclusivity. This project is the fruit of a partnership between the Council and the Australian Government through the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Programme, alongside the Drought Communities Programme.

Project Overview

Project Type
Council & Government
Budget (Equipment Only)
$420,000 – $440,000
Date Built

Federation Park has been reimagined into a vibrant play area with an agricultural theme, championing inclusive play for children of all abilities and capturing the essence of Cobram’s communal spirit. Commanding the landscape is the Custom SkyTower, a Moduplay creation that echoes the structure of a grand grain silo. This imposing feature invites children to ascend to new imaginative peaks, symbolising the innovation and endurance of Cobram’s agricultural history.

Adding a spin to dynamic play, the All-Access Carousel 3m weaves a tale of inclusivity, with rounds of laughter and giddy joy welcoming all children into its orbit. The Inclusive Bedway Rocker R-8080, Bushwood Xylophone, and Sandworks station introduce a sensory & nature play experience that are both vital for the development of kids of all abilities.

Recognising the value of physical activity, the Custom Fruit-Inspired Rockets and the Joey Trampoline provide abundant opportunities for energetic play, while the Custom Bushwood Balance Trail challenges balance and nurtures bold explorers.

The Federation Park play area extends beyond mere play equipment. It is a canvas of social interaction where community bonds are woven stronger, and the joy of play is celebrated in every moment filled with laughter. The inclusive ethos, judicious selection of apparatus, and the area’s deep agricultural narrative converge to form a lasting legacy for Cobram, illustrating the unlimited possibilities when community values and heritage fuel the design.

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