Denman, NSW

Denman Memorial Park

Imaginative and bespoke, this farming themed Moduplay Design and Construct at Memorial Park in Denman has created an all-ages, all-abilities social hub in the heart of Muswellbrook Shire Council. Drawing on the deep farming history of Denman, this playground space has been created to both enhance and celebrate the historical aspects of the town, a reflection of what Denman has to offer to residents and visitors alike!

Project Overview

Budget (Equipment Only)
$235,000 – $255,000
Date Built
Denman_memorial-park-playground_skytower Denman_memorial-park-playground_swings Denman_memorial-park-playground_carousel

Playground Fun for All Ages and Abilities

This playground, incorporating “NSW – Everyone Can Play” principles, means both the young and old can enjoy the space, specifically designed for the use of all ages and abilities with ease of access. Interactive activities, such as the Rotogen musical panel encourages children to understand cause and effect, with enchanting farm noises and ‘Old MacDonald’, whilst the cleverly designed spinning tractor wheel of our All-Access Carousel adds another level to the farming theme. It’s smooth entry design allows for wheelchair users to access and enjoy with minimal challenge.

Meanwhile, Moduplay’s Great Keep Skytower has been completely customised, with corrugated Colourbond inspired roofs, Australian cypress timber posts and farm animal impressions to maintain the theme and serve as a viewing platform of the exciting farmland activities below.

Purposeful Design and Local Inspiration

Moduplay’s in house design team have used purposeful landscape design throughout this spaceand, with sandstone blocks meticulously placed to serve as functional barriers between active, high-traffic areas of the playground and to double as casual seating within the area. Meanwhile, the softfall paly surfacing is directly inspired by the patchwork fields and farmlands which roll across the countryside surrounding Denman, with vibrant natural colours and an imaginative tractor design to indulge the immersive theme-play idea.

Denman’s Memorial Park playground is a striking example of what can be achieved with the inspiration of the wider environment, where a quality Australian made and designed playspace serves to deepen the already enduring history and charm of this authentic Australian country town.

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