basin-view-reserve playground_nsw
Basin View, NSW

Basin View Reserve

This earthy new Design & Construct playground has taken into consideration the picturesque, leafy green South Coast waterside landscape, a true product of its environment.

The sleepy NSW Coastal suburb of Basin View has gained a new Moduplay Playspace at Basin View Reserve, situated on the quaint banks of the St George’s Basin.

Project Overview

Project Type
Council & Government
Budget (Equipment Only)
$80,000 – $90,000
Date Built
basin-view-reserve playground basin-view-reserve playground wonderland basin-view-reserve playground with zulu rocker basin-view-reserve playground with swings and wonderland

The Customized Playground Adventure

The bespoke playground unit is comprised of sturdy Australian designed and manufactured aluminium posts, guaranteed to stand the test of time. An integrated rubber mound creates an additional layer to the space, establishing the perfect slope for the Double Embankment slide and doubling as a tunnel-like hidey hole for imaginations to run wild!

Moduplay enhancing play

Peppered throughout are the Moduplay classics – a Capital Double Bay Swing, Zulu II Spring Rocker and Inclusive Saucer, enhancing the space’s play value and taking advantage of the available area.

This immersive space utilises a combination of rubber softfall and playground certified mulch surfacing to create a dynamic yet accessible space to be enjoyed by all. Considerate landscape elements including a surrounding pathway not only grants wheelchair access to exciting activities but serves as a bike path for those a little unsure without training wheels!

Situated in a quiet location but not lacking the excitement and thrill of a dynamic playspace, the Basin View Playspace gives kids the opportunity to be kids and experience the great outdoors!

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