moduplay_ashbury public school playground
Ashbury, NSW

Ashbury Public School

The eye-catching Moduplay Design and Construct plyaground at Ashbury Public School showcases just how seamlessly a playspace can be integrated into a schoolyard environment with limited available space, providing children the outlet they need to learn and explore.

Project Overview

Budget (Equipment Only)
$110,000 – $125,000
Date Built
Ashbury public school playground_belltower with climber Ashbury public school playground_belltower with slide tube moduplay_ashbury public school playground_slide tube_climber moduplay_ashbury public school playground_skytower_rope climber

Playground with endless realm of adventure

Ashbury Public School’s innovative oasis transforms limited space into a realm of boundless adventure!

Situated in Sydney’s inner west, this playspace is designed to make the most of an underutilised space, the opalescent Skytower serving as the main unit allows for a lot more verticality, ultimately reducing the space’s overall footprint and providing the opportunity for additional playground activities to be incorporated within the space.

Nature’s Playground: Blending Fun and Learning

Shaded by established towering Eucalypts, Moduplay’s playground design team factored in the surrounding environment. Complete with monkey bars, a Geoclimber Unit, Bushwood Bungalow and timber balance area, the space not only incorporates the key ingredients of play but provides a multipurpose space for physical activity and outdoor learning. The trees, a natural shade barrier for lunchtime fun in the sun.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the new playground at Ashbury Public School is a model space, backed by an unparalleled design and construction process, providing yet another wonderful schoolyard place of play!

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