The sensory stimulation of a children’s swing is always a delight to a playful child. Below is a diverse range of Swing styles, including, A-Frame styles, Compact Swings, Pendulum Swings and Timber styles Swings.

A-Frame Swings

The classic A-Frame swing style is engineered for longevity, strength and reliable low maintenance with balanced weight distribution and aundefined

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Compact Swings

With minimalist design and a slim footprint, the Compact Swing fits in where space is tight. Featuring plain galvanised postsundefined

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Other Swings

Moduplay’s wide range of Swing Styles caters for diverse design needs including Tot Swings, retro Tee and L Swings andundefined

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Pendulum Swings

Moduplay Pendulum Swings are spectacular feature swings providing maximum play value, are suitable for inclusivity and all age groups.

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Swing Seats

Careful selection of the correct swing seat or combination of seats can multiply the play value of your swing set.undefined

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Timber Swings

Moduplay has a wide range of Timber swing styles including Premium A-Frame, Bushwood A-Frame and Cahill Styles.

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