Nature Play gives kids a rare sense of freedom and allows kids to explore their limits in a structured and safe environment.

Researchers at the University of WA found that nature play also stimulates children’s immune systems, and can reduce the symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder. In this day & age where everything can be experienced either through a screen or a pair of VR goggles, it is hard to find something that can entertain and excite the younger generation, but that is exactly what nature play brings.

Moduplay has been working hard to develop an affordable, Australian made option to help satisfy an industry that is currently crying out for a bit of variety. Our industrial designers have come up with concepts that will be sure to excite, inspire and engage both young and young at heart.

Kids Back To Nature

Made completely from Australian sourced materials, these new Moduplay products are the first of their kind, and with a wide range of new nature play products to be rolled out in the coming months, it has never been more important to be part of our monthly newsletter Project Play!

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