There is a renewed interest, awareness and priority being given to children’s play. The world over.

Of course, it’s a tired cliche to say “It was different when we were young”.

But the fact remains, it is a different society we are in now. And most children don’t have the same opportunities for free and unlimited play as earlier generations had.

However, there is a movement underway.

And there seems to be a whole army of quiet achievers going about the task of bringing play back.

Bringing it back to the forefront of the minds of community planners, local authorities and educators.

Bringing the concept of play back to the attention of parents and caregivers, that know the value of play, but may have overlooked that their children are not doing it as much as they should.

And most importantly, by successfully creating new areas to play, bringing it back within the reach of the current generation of children that would otherwise largely miss this vital ingredient to their growing years.

The movement knows that play is critical to the mental, physical and social well-being of our children and they can’t sit idly by and just hope that something changes for the better.

The well-being of our future generations is literally what this movement is helping to secure.

Thank you for being part of something that is creating a better future for Australia by positively effecting all of the children and families that it touches.

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