Whilst some things in this world are speeding up, too many people are slowing down physically. Our sedentary lifestyles are doing us harm and we need to get outside and be more physically active.  Outdoor gyms are a great way to engage the community and encourage us all to get moving.

UrbanFiT offers three ranges of exclusive fitness equipment for outdoor gyms. Your outdoor space becomes a genuine workout area with the installation of a well-designed UrbanFiT Outdoor Gym. Born from collaboration between expert fitness trainers, health educators and our Australian design and production team, UrbanFiT presents users with targeted exercises for all muscle groups and levels of ability.

In 2015 Moduplay began manufacturing outdoor exercise equipment. This was underpinned by our experience and expertise acquired in the design, manufacture and construction of premium playgrounds for the Australian community since 1989.

Now UrbanFiT, as a specialist division of Moduplay Group, focuses on creating outdoor exercise equipment that increases the well-being and health of whole communities. A unique advantage of owning the production process from start to finish is that UrbanFiT can achieve excellence in every step. Leading edge designs can be created and brought to life entirely in-house.

Advanced technology manufacturing processes are used and we employ local people, enhancing Australia’s skills base.

Our promise to you is that we will harness these advantages, so you get the best possible outcome with your recreational area projects.

We have been providing quality playground solutions to our clients for decades, and we guarantee your outdoor fitness solution will be completed with the same quality and finesse.

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