We’re building new patterns for our tube slides

As you know, we are passionate about making our own products at Moduplay. One of the advantages is that you can get involved in the design of our products!

We’d like your help and comments on the design of the new Tube Slides.

We are currently building new patterns for our tube slides. With the new design we are introducing several new and improved features including the way the joining flanges prevent any  gaps appearing at the joins. The patterns are also being built to allow for heavier grade walls and connections which will result in a stronger tube slide overall.

The design question is: Do we go with a plain tube or give it some subtle design markings?

Below is a tube with some possible design markings and a plain tube.

New Moduplay tube slide with markings and without markings

What do you think? Do the detail lines give the design more depth? More refinement? Or too complex? Is simpler better? We’d love to know your thoughts on this.

What other features would you like to see in the new Tube Slide? We’d love to get your feedback – please click the button and complete the one question survey…!

Thank you

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Moduplay Skytower with proposed new Tube Slide with design markings


Be free to reach out to us here anytime.

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