Making it easy for you to get what you need, so playgrounds can be repaired quickly

Moduplay has always carried an extensive range of spare parts and replacement items such as swing seats and bearings.

Many of the parts needed for repairs and maintenance of your playground assets are unique to the industry and we know the importance of getting the right part the first time.

To make it quick and easy to get what you need and to be able to re-open your playground, we’ve rebuilt the Playground Parts website with many new self-serve features, making it easy to use and an enjoyable task to source the high quality playground spare parts you need.

Already have an account?

Simple. Just login. Your payment method and account facility is unchanged.

Need an account?

No problem. We understand many Local Government bodies require a credit account to purchase spare parts. Just follow the tips to set up a new account at checkout.

Returning to purchase again?

Perfect. All of your purchase history, quotes, personal details and settings are saved for you to speed up the process.

Can’t find the part you need?

Easy. Just upload an image and a description to the Contact Us page and we will source it or tell you where it can be purchased. We know playgrounds, and can usually track down any supplier or parts you could need.

Get started today

Check out the [button link=”” bg_color=”#0063b3″ window=”yes”]Playground Parts Website[/button] and get started with those otherwise hard to source playground parts.

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