It’s time to go WildNinja…

Kids become Gladiators as they take on the challenge of these incredible, stamina building WildNinja courses.

First, see if you can complete the course, then set the timer and the race is on!

Carefully designed layouts provide different levels of challenge and fun to many age groups of children. Legendary Moduplay design and quality gives WildNinja the edge with this exciting new take on outdoor play.

Bring your ultimate “fitness course in a playground” ideas to life with this brand new range. Moduplay WildNinja offers a full range of challenges and course layouts to suit every budget and space. Talk to our Play Designers about your specific site needs.

Looking down that long straight of WildNinja HAKU course with the daunting climbs and challenges is the ultimate inspiration for a budding Gladiator…! Launch straight up the Ramp Net and take the test, can you do the whole course? Can you do it quicker than your friends? This compact course uses the last stretch as a run up to Warped Wall making it ideal for smaller spaces available.

The triple back-track WildNinja KITA course is extra fun with the half dome launch pads adding an extra dimension. With the sequence of events and challenges reshuffled it changes up the pace and tests kids strength and stamina to the max. Over the Verti-Wall and up to the Hi-Deck kids can exit to the finish line with a thrilling Double Slide ride.

Set the timer and take on the challenge of WildNinja FUJI. Launching through the Quintuple Steps, over the Net Wall, grapple with the Offset Pommel Crossing, round the corner on the Monkey Bars, Parallel Bar shuffle, over the Net Ramp, take the Crazy Crossing and dominate the Warped Wall… we have a winner!

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