As part of our 30th Anniversary program the Moduplay A-Frame Swings have had a design makeover.

The new Moduplay Swing designs, featuring our traditional full strength gusseting (which is now interestingly copied by several other brands here and overseas) have the same amazing strength and functionality that our clients know and love, and have a presence that cannot be ignored.

Clever design of the new swing beams has introduced consistent hole spacing for ease of installation, simple maintenance and more choice.

Both Capital and Premium Swing Frames feature updated and modern looks, with four new styles in total, the classic Capital aluminium frame with a poly rhombus, and Premium frame, and two new look A-frames – a new Capital frame using the unique Moduplay 125mm x 125mm aluminium posts, and a new Premium frame with coloured panels.


Click to see the new-look swings here.

For more information on any of these designs contact our helpful Project Design team here.

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