See-saws and Rockers have been a popular medium of play for generations. Why?

Turns out the rocking motion that a child enjoys on rocking play equipment has many benefits. The movement and need to balance themselves builds gross motor skills, it strengthens core muscle strength and they also learn critical push-pull skills to gain and keep momentum.

Many children also find it a soothing motion which calms and comforts them. When their parent or sibling joins in it creates bonding and teaches coordination.

And you thought it was “just a spring rocker or see-saw”!

It’s always great to know that the provision of outdoor play areas has such wide ranging positive effects on the lives of our children and families. We take the responsibility of being a key supplier of play seriously and we put great emphasis on making sure our products for play are well designed and well made.

This shows in the impressive line up of Single and Multi Rockers we offer to Playground Designers in Australia. You can choose from the traditional favourites like the Pelican, or contemporary new shapes of Single Rockers like the Tetra Rocker, or our unique Equal Access design Zulu II Rocker that allow for ease of climbing in or out.

See all of our Single Rockers here.

Multi-Rockers range from the Minimalist See-Soar to the funky Sprooce Moose and completely universal Inclusive Bedway Rocker.

Talk with our [button link=”” style=”info” bg_color=”#0063b3″ window=”yes”]Play Product Designers[/button] to get more information on any See-saw and Rocker products.

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