With all the benefits of musical play, Moduplay’s Sensory & Sound range is great for adding educational & sensory value to the community playground space.

Our musical instrument range just keeps on growing…

Music goes hand in hand with learning; people play Mozart to babies in the womb in hopes of birthing a child genius; instruments are used in child cognitive development practices and people listen to music to help them concentrate.

There is evidence to prove the positive effect music has on a child’s cognitive learning; theories such as the‘Mozart Effect’ and ‘Transfer Effects’ show that music can improve a child’s intellectual capacity. These studies show that music has a positive benefit on a child’s coordination, vocabulary, and even their capacity for forward thinking.

Moduplay understands the importance of play, not just its part in teaching children necessary social skills, but also as an educational tool outside and even before the classroom. That’s why we have four amazing musical instruments that can be added to any playground to increase the educational and play value.

1. Musical Garden Chimes  – Inclusively designed with all in mind, these free-standing musical chimes are a great addition to any playspace, allowing several kids to interact and play at once. The even spacing between the posts also encourages movement, combining sensory learning with active movement.

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2. Drum – The Moduplay drum is the perfect height for all ages and abilities to play, engaging in one of the most ‘natural’ types of music creation which has been used since the beginning of time.

Standing at 780mm high, the angled surface was designed specifically for accessibility, and provides a large surface for little hands to make music.

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3. Xylophone – The tough polyethylene frame of the Xylophone holds this instrument at a convenient height for all musicians, and with colourful side panels this product is a great interactive addition to big and small playgrounds.

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4. Glockenspiel – This tubular favourite allows for two users at once, to promote collaborative musical learning. All Moduplay sensory products are designed with exclusivity in mind so that everyone can access and play with our units and products. The Glockenspiel, Xylophone and Drum also come with a Bushwood finish, for a natural element, or to compliment nature-based playspaces.

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For more information on any of these products contact our helpful Project Design team here.

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