Children immediately gravitate to a world of their own size with Moduplay Town. 

OK we admit it… The seed of the idea for Moduplay Town came from the miniature towns and people of LEGO!

What if we could take the idea of a Toy City and build it as a real playground for children to play in and build their imaginations and develop role play and social skills?

And it’s amazing to see children adapt instantly to a world of familiar things when they are scaled down to make them fun to interact inside and around.

After years of popular inclusion in playgrounds all across Australia, we’ve refreshed the colour schemes of Moduplay Town and added some new models like the Surf Shop.

More new models are on the way soon to build out some of the Town Themes.

We’re glad to say, clever design has ensured the Town buildings have never become an encouragement to loiterers or anti-social behaviour. The compartment of the various buildings are completely open on one side and designed so children can be fully supervised, even while the buildings have a “cosy and enclosed” cubby feel.

Moduplay Town is designed and made in Australia by our own team here at Moduplay. We work with designers and architects everywhere developing amazing play spaces.

Moduplay Town uses recycled HDPE plastic, stainless steel tubing and fasteners and is 100% recyclable.

Talk with our [button link=”” style=”info” bg_color=”#0063b3″ window=”yes”]Play Product Designers[/button] to get more information on any products or ideas you have for playing with the elements.

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